Feb. 17th 2011 Research Grant & Career Information from Leave a Nest, Co. Ltd.

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Date: Thursday, February 17th From 18:30~19:30
For Who: International students studying Science, Engineering, Medicine,Agriculture, and Pharmacy
Place: Tokyo Institute of Technology, Ookayama Campus, West 1 building, Room 118International Student Center
Leave a Nest, Co. Ltd. is the leading science communication company in Japan.
We founded the Leave a NestGrant to encourage young scientists in their area of research.
This session provides information about Leave aNest Grant – International Student Award. 
The purpose of this award is to support international students
who wish to contribute to the future of science and technology in Japan.

Since our science communication businesses have been growing and reaching out to overseas,
such as China, Singapore and the United States,
we are also looking into hiring international students.
Henceforth, on February 17th, we will hold an information session
about the grant and career/internship opportunities in Leave a Nest, Co. Ltd.

Speakers Profile
Shuichiro Takahashi (Leave a Nest, COO)

Graduated from University of Tokyo ,with Ph.D. in Life Science in concentration in Bio-resource Technology.
He helped established Leave a Nest during duringhis student days at graduate school.
Currently, while serving as a COO, he teaches at University of Tokyo and Hosei University.

Andrew Gung (Leave a Nest, Local Development DivisionLeave a Nest Singapore Private Ltd CEO)
After graduated from National Universiry of Singapore,
he did his graduate studies atTokyo University of Marine Science and Technology.
Currently, he has taken thechallenges to work in a venture firm,
that engages in the exchange of Science,Technology.

How to apply: WEB application form http://goo.gl/sFJUs
For more information, please contact Maeda or Shinozawa.
TEL: 03-6277-8041 FAX: 03-6277-8042 E-mail: [email protected]