Unleash Your Passion for Innovation with Fuji Xerox!

Unleash Your Passion for Innovation with Fuji Xerox!

Fuji Xerox
Tomoyuki Shoya
Takeshi Kamimura

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This year, Fuji Xerox has set up a research and incubation space in Singapore with the following 4 main objectives.1) Develop new technologies, specifically in the areas of multimedia, language processing and wireless communication technology for the global market. 2) Establish collaborated research with local specialists. 3) Make and test prototype products. 4) Recruit talents from South East Asia. ‘Although we have only been here for a few months, we find the young people we talk to very energetic, efficient and dynamic!’ Said Mr Kamimura, the marketing research site manager for Asia Pacific Operations. ‘Moreover, we realized that this country gives ample support for starts-up, hence providing the necessary factors to incubate and develop new ideas.’ Add Mr. Shoya, the manager for Incubation Center Technology Development Site. With a research and incubation space established in the Lion City, Fuji Xerox now has a more dynamic environment for researchers from different backgrounds to work together. Feel free to come and talk to them during their talks at NUS and NTU. Share your passion

Contents of the Seminar

Introduction about Fuji Xerox and current exciting
research in IT field
Talk on Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific research center direction
Working @ Fuji Xerox
Types of people we are looking for

Target: Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Date: 12th Aug 2013
Time: 1600-1700
Venue: SOC COM1 LVL 2 RM 6
Date: 14th Aug 2013
Time: 1700-1800
Venue: LT5 North Spine

For registration and more information
mail to [email protected]