A Gate to Knowledge

A Gate to Knowledge

Eddie Lee

First meeting with Leave a Nest somewhat signifies today’s society. I wouldn’t have known the company existed if there was neither internet nor social media. People from PanSci (Taiwan’s website focusing on Science topics) have visited Leave a Nest earlier this year. After their visit they posted an article on the web about their impression about the company. I saw the article and decided to contact them directly. “Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change.” by Jim Rohn.

Existing Educational Problem

In Taiwan, many science students are unable to utilize their expertise learned in school in their career after graduation. They might realize that their knowledge level could not match the company’s requirements. Gradually, students lost their confidence, or interest in their specialization field anymore. Finally, they choose to work in the field irrelevant to theirexpertise. I would like to put a stop to this vicious cycle.

Music Treatment

Let me share a story of my life, I learned music for many years since I was young. I can tell from my experience that music can have powerful effect on us. After I completed my master degree in neuron science, I was convinced more than ever that music can be used to treat different kinds of diseases, especially if the diseases were stress oriented. There are many scientists in the world who are currently researching music therapy. However, most people do not believe that the diseases could be treated through music therapy due to the knowledge gap. If this barrier continues to exist, music therapy will never be widely adapted. The value of science is based on new discovery as a result of quest for curiosity, but its strength is greatest when this knowledge is shared with everyone. So, as a first step, I will make any efforts to let people know about the importance of music therapy and how it may be able to treat the patients.

The Importance of Sharing the Knowledge

Much as I would like to share the useful information with the society, it is difficult because with the advancement of science and technology, greater the knowledge gap becomes. One way to solve this problem is through popularizing science by sharing knowledge, such as publishing science magazine. Not only students of science but also everyone should benefit from updated information of science. By doing this, more students may truly understand the power of science and become interested in learning about the subject is. Therefore, they can chose to learn what the best for them. On the other hand, parents and educators could help their kids and students make better
decisions, and let them know science plays an important role in our life. Throughout the time, people will find their passion in science, and hopefully the knowledge gap will become narrower.

Eddie Lee
Graduated from Chung Shan Medical University then continued on to National
Yang-Ming University. After graduation he has worked at San Yun Medical-
Nursing Extension School, and Department of Health until 2009.