Ticket to Japan and win ¥5M – Application Open for Tech Plan Grand Prix Taiwan

Ticket to Japan and win ¥5M – Application Open for Tech Plan Grand Prix Taiwan

Dear friends in Taiwan,

Leave a Nest is running a world’s first Real Tech accelerator, TECH PLANTER. At TECH PLANTER, we are devoted to funding and building startups dedicated toward solving humanity’s most pressing problem with Real Tech, such as  hardware, robotics, electronics, biotech, agriculture and food.

On August 23rd, We will host a qualifying round of pitch competition. It’s name is Tech Plan Grand Prix Taiwan.
We want you to comet to event and please forward this article to spread the words. Please check our Facebook event page for RVSP.

We have more detail in our website.


We have created the first Real Tech Accelerator program specifically designed for entrepreneurs who utilize the power of science and technologies such as sensor network, robotics, electronics, synthetic biology, immunology, material science and agricultural science to address global issues including environment, food, energy, water, space, security, poverty, health or education.

TECH PLANER takes potential startups from ideas or early prototype to proof-of-concept stage.

Since the Real tech needs quite a little money and requires various but integrated technologies for making prototype or proof-of-concept stage product, we provide a fertile ground for startups to connect with Japanese established companies, 3000+ super factories, reliable advisors in academia and active community of TECH PLANTER startups.

The TECH PLANTER provides ¥5,000,000 in seed funding for grand winner of Tech Plan Grand Prix, Bio Science Grand Prix or Agriscience Grand Prix which hold final rounds in Tokyo.

If your idea or technology meets the application requirement below, apply now on our website by July 31st and please forward this letter to spread the word.

Application requirement

  • Your problem is not a field of study but a challenging issue of humanity.
  • Your team needs to provide a technical reference of your solution or product.
  • You may apply if you are single founder. We advise and help you to seek co-founders who balance your skill-set.


Apply to Tech Plan Grand Prix Taiwan by July 31st


Applicants whose applications arrive early, get to talk to us early. We are looking forward to discuss a new idea with you.