【3/3-4 HIC Tokyo 2023】Panel Discussion:DX Islands starts from Education: Impact of visualization of auditory discussions

【3/3-4 HIC Tokyo 2023】Panel Discussion:DX Islands starts from Education: Impact of visualization of auditory discussions

Mar 3rd (Fri) 16:20-17:10

Session Partner Wela Online Corp.



The Philippines is a young and growing country with a population of 110 million, an average age of 24, and a working age population that accounts for 64% of the total population. In order to support this remarkable growth over the long term, it is essential to provide high standard educational opportunities for children, and in fact, the educational enthusiasm in urban areas in the Philippines is high. In addition, as the Philippines is an island nation, there is a need for digital tools that can be used across physical distances and easy-to-understand evaluation indicators that can be used to discuss the interpretation of the data collected by the government and the education field. In this session, panelists from education-related startups in Japan and the Philippines and from international organizations connecting Japan and ASEAN will discuss how education in the world should develop in the future, based on examples and perspectives of educational issues and solutions in the Philippines.



実施日時 2023年3月3日(金)・4日(土)9:30-19:00
実施場所 九段会館テラスコンファレンス&バンケット
主催 株式会社リバネス
パートナー アサヒ飲料株式会社
Wela Online Corp.
Aerodyne Group
Global Innovation Aliance
URL https://hic.lne.st/conference/tokyo2023/

DX Islands starts from Education: Impact of visualization of auditory discussions


Mr. John Vincent Fiel
Wela Online Co-Founder and CEO

A graduate of computer science with 10 plus years of experience in web development, project management, and previously co-founded a local game development startup. Co-Founder of Wela School System, an end-to-end school system where students, parents can view their grades, announcements, billing statements thru a mobile app. Wela is now running for 5 years and serving 200+ private schools both national and international.

Dr. Takeshi Mizumoto
Hylable Inc. Co-Founder & President

Dr. Mizumoto received his MSci and Ph.D. from the Graduate School of Informatics, Kyoto University, Japan. After working for Honda Research Institute Japan, Co., Ltd. as a researcher, he co-founded Hylable Inc. His research topic includes audio signal processing and quantified analysis of communications.He has more than ten years of research on audio analysis and quantification of communications in noisy environments. For seven years, he has analyzed group discussions of 60,000+ people in K-12, junior high, high schools, and universities and employee training.

Ms. Rafaelita C. Castro
ASEAN Japan Center in Tokyo Director of Operations

Ms. Rafaelita C. Castro is appointed to the current position as of October 2, 2020. She assumed the post of Director of Operations in charge of the Research and Policy Analysis Cluster and the Trade and Investment Cluster. She is seconded from the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) of the Philippines. She brings with her more than 25 years of experience in trade promotion. Prior to the appointment, she was the Chief Trade and Industry Development Specialist at the Export Marketing Bureau (EMB) of the DTI. During her stint at the bureau, she handled various export promotion missions to various countries including Japan. She aims to work towards the enhancement of ASEAN-Japan trade and investment relations and strengthening of network linkages between ASEAN and Japanese companies.

Dr. Yevgeny Aster Dulla
Leave a Nest Philippines, Inc. Managing Director

Yev was born and raised in Iloilo City, Philippines. He graduated with a degree in BS Chemistry from the University of the Philippines – Visayas, after which he worked as an instructor at the University of the Philippines – Manila. He came to Japan in 2013 to pursue graduate studies where he acquired his Masters in Health Life Sciences and PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences. In 2020, he joined Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. and is currently under the Frontier Development Division. He is also a Balik Scientist Awardee for 2020~2021, and is the Managing Director for Leave a Nest’s newly opened Philippine subsidiary.





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