• シンガポールサイエンスフェスティバルで科学イベントを開催(8/3-7)













Producing Electricity from Plants?!

Dates: 06 Aug 2012 to 06 Aug 2012
Event Type : Workshop
Event Organisers: Leave A Nest Co. Ltd
Time: 15:00 – 17:00
Venue: Science Centre
Target:  Upper Primary Students
Fee: $40 per person
Pre-registration: Yes
Contact: Ms Pheobe Dang: 64252591 (tel) ; [email protected] (email)
Electrical energy is an indispensable part of our daily lives. While the technologies using electrical energy are rapidly advancing, they have resulted in problems such as the depletion of petroleum oil and the destruction of the environment. Hence, in this session we learn about solar panels and how plants could also be used to make solar panels to solve energy demand problems. The hands-on experience of frontier science technology and the fun of science are incorporated in this session. In addition, the problems of energy demand would be discussed. This workshop is suitable for Upper Primary students.



Create your own UFO!

Dates: 07 Aug 2012 to 07 Aug 2012
Event Type : Workshop
Event Organisers: Leave A Nest Co. Ltd
Time: 15:00 – 17:00
Venue: Science Centre
Target:  Primary Students
Fee: $40
Pre-registration: Yes
Contact: Ms Pheobe Dang:[email protected] (email); 64252591(tel)
Participants learn to create their own unique UFOs and see whose creations travel the fastest. Depending on the structures of the machines and the turbines, the design affects how each UFO floats and travels. While enjoying the fun of the workshop, participants can also discover their creative side. They would appreciate the type of materials they use and learn how to make use of air pressure to make a device float. This workshop is suitable for Upper Primary students.



No more Satay and peanut butter sauce?

Dates: 03 Aug 2012 to 03 Aug 2012
Event Type : Workshop
Time: 09:30 – 11:30
Venue: Science Centre
Target: 13-16 years old
Fee: $40
Pre-registration: Yes
Contact: Ms. Pheobe Dang: 6425 2591 (tel); [email protected] (email)
Why is it so that some people cannot consume satay or peanut butter sauce? One of these reasons is due to adverse reactions (allergies) that happen in our body upon the consumption of the food product. Participants learn that while proteins in food are necessary in our daily lives, it is also proteins that cause allergic reactions against certain food. In this workshop, participants get to used latest laboratory instrument, the micro-centrifuge, from the Japanese company(Tomy) to help them extract the necessary components from food to if they contain compound that could result in peanut allergy.



Make your own toy organ!

Dates: 04 Aug 2012 to 05 Aug 2012
Event Type : Workshop
Event Organisers: Renesas Electronics Corporation
Time: 14:00 – 17:30
Venue: Science Centre
Target: 13 – 16 year olds
Fee: $40/pax
Pre-registration: Yes
Contact: Ms. Pheobe Dang: 6425 2591 (tel); [email protected] (email)
Take a step into the world of electronics and explore how these devices work! In this original workshop from Japan, participants will assemble their very own miniature toy organ by soldering electronic components. Next, participants will take up the challenge of programming their original music into the organ’s computer chip. Though this hands-on lab, participants will learn the principal of how electronic devices such as electric toys, household appliances, and robotic machines, work. The toy organ uses an embedded microcontroller, R8C/M12A, as the brain of the toy. This R8C/M12A is a product ffrom the world's leading semiconductor companies, Renesas Electronics. Our specialists will explain, in an easy-to-understand manner, the technology behind the microcontrollers. Both parent and child will be able to enjoy this ‘Do–it–yourself' session as a team!
Total number of participants: 40.
Kids below 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
(Note: Accompanying adult need not pay for the workshop but is not entitled to the workshop kit.Kid and parent will share a workshop kit.)
Participants need to bring their own notebook PC(Windows XP, VISTA 32-bit, Windows7)
Participants keen to try software development need to install the software tools bundled with their acceptance letter before the workshop.
This workshop event involves soldering work.



Singapore Mini Maker Faire

Dates: 04 Aug 2012 to 05 Aug 2012
Event Type : Seminar, Workshop, Performance, Exhibition
Event Organiser: A*STAR & Science Centre
Time: 10:00 – 18:00
Venue: Science Centre, The Marquee
Target:  Kids & families/Public, Primary Students, Secondary and JC Students, Tertiary Students, Professionals
Fee: $7 for 2-day pass, $4 for 1-day pass
Pre-registration: No
Contact: [email protected] (email)
The inaugural Singapore Mini Maker Faire is a festival of the do-it-yourself culture that showcases practical, wacky and above all, fun projects and inventions. Be awed by the display of DIY projects and sharing of ideas from both local and overseas makers! Learn do-it-yourself skills through hands-on activities on soldering, robot building, electronics, crafting, model building and more! Be sure not to miss the performances too!
Want to show what you’ve made? Please visit http://www.makerfairesingapore.com to register.