Create final products which will bring change to the toady's society. Passion and mind set for running a venture company.

Create final products which will bring change to the toady's society.  Passion and mind set for running a venture company.


What’s your company’s value to the society? How would the world change with this new service? Having an exact image of where it is heading further accelerates its speed and growth. To think how much change can a venture company bring to society is one essential value of its existence.

Dr. Yukihiro Maru, the CEO of Leave a Nest Co., Ltd. keeps generating new innovative ideas to create a new world with the leading science and technology.

What are the essential guidelines for a venture company?  We asked what is in this innovator’s mind.




Bridging the Gap between Scientists and the Public

In 2002, fifteen graduate students in the field of Science and Technology founded Leave a Nest, Co. Ltd. While new technologies are born every day, students are reading the same old text book at schools. This information lag creates a gap in knowledge between researchers and the public. Leave a Nest is aiming to narrow down the gap by delivering up-to-date science and technology to the middle and high school education. This is where Leave a Nest core value lies.

Society where the players in Science and Technology can become a Star

Leave a Nest’s company philosophy is “Advancing Science and Technology for Global Happiness”.  All employees have a master’s degree or a post-doctoral degree, and they are all passionate about science and technology. Sending graduate students who are usually isolated in the university laboratories into class room to teach science leads to training of their communication skills. In addition, this also leads to solving an unemployment issue for the new graduate students with post-doctoral degrees. By working together with Leave a Nest, research institutes in the world can accelerate its research development, human capacity building and creation of new ideas and innovations.  Creating society where the players in Science and Technology play a significant role is what Leave a Nest is aiming for.

Do what you, and ONLY you can do

There are a several vital essences that are necessary for a venture to survive. One is to do what others cannot do. As a private company, Leave a Nest was a pioneering company to offer a science class to primary and secondary school. It was possible because Leave a Nest wanted to deliver the fun in science and technology. Today, Leave a Nest has a huge network with schools, and the science workshops play a key role in its business development.

Do not be a mere outsourcing company

Leave a Nest is not an outsourcing company. They select projects in which they can apply their strength and expertise, so that they can provide the highest value to their clients all the time. In order to achieve this, Leave a Nest work together closely with clients to reach the same goal as a partner. Leave a Nest look closely into their project contract and have a say at its very details, and even have audacity to turn down a good offer when the clients are merely looking for an outsourcing company.

Choose Long-term projects

Choosing a long-term project over short-term counterpart to retain company’s integrity.  In the past, Leave a Nest had a project in which they had to read 100 research articles and write up a report, or a project in which they interviewed 50 researchers and wrote up an interview articles. These projects were valuable to the growth of the company.  Though being a venture company it is sometimes destined to carry out a variety of projects, projects that will later increase its asset in terms of skills and experience should not be turned down.  On the other hand, regardless of its financial benefits, projects that will not be any assets in the future should be avoided. For venture companies, building up a long-term asset is more important than gaining a temporary financial stability.

Take a Pro Bono Jobs

Take a pro bono job with all of your heart. Ventures are there to take projects that the existing companies do not take. Profitable projects invite lots of competitors, while less profitable projects are not as attractive to larger companies.  What is most exciting part of being a venture company is to make a less profitable project into more profitable one by trial and error.

Do not be a volunteer, be a professional

Do not offer your service for free.  Free labor will never become a business. Even if it was for $1, important thing is the fact that you received a fee for your service, and that leads to the next job offer. Likewise, if you accept the fee, even if it is only for $100, you should offer a service that is worth a million dollar. This will lead to the next chain of a job offers.

Important thing is to Enjoy

Enjoy what you do to death. If you work the same 8 hours a day, you might as well want to do what you love and what brings difference to the society. Enjoying yourself, and whether the world can enjoy from what you have offered, that is where you should find a chance to thrive.

Not by the product, but through the product

The most important criterion for a venture company is how your product can change the world. What is more meaningful is not how much profit you made by selling the products, but how much difference you made through your product and services.

Business that brings a revolution to the world comes from“passion”within.  Believe it or not one enthusiastic entrepreneur can make a difference to the society.

【原文:THE BRIDGE 訳:前田里美】